Illegal GMO plants and micro-organisms in Europe

Between 1 January 2021 and the present day, the European Union has had to deal with almost fifty cases of the illegal presence of GMOs on its territory. Most of the cases reported by the national authorities involve GMO plants originating in Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, but also in other countries such as Ukraine, the United States and, more surprisingly, France… GMO micro-organisms have also been detected in batches of food additives used in human and animal nutrition.

Synthetic Biology, talks are involving GMOs

For the past fifteen years, governments have been discussing “synthetic biology” on an international level. If to date, an “operational” definition exists, the outlines of this field remain hard to draw. Are talks of “synthetic biology” simply a change of semantics, or a genuinely new frontier of the biotechnology field? For the moment, examples of organisms or molecules obtained by synthetic biology are accumulating: unnatural proteins, GMO plants, GMO bacteria, recreated viruses, modification of living organisms directly in the environment, GMO insects, xenobacteria…

Novonesis, a new Danish industrial giant promoting “biosolutions”?

In January 2024, two Danish industrial giants of the microorganisms merged and Novonesis was born. This company sells “biosolutions” for all industrial and agricultural areas. “Bio” for biotechnological… and not biological, as it prefers to emphasize. This company uses microorganisms, often genetically modified, to make them produce enzymes.

Fungicide and herbicide micropeptides on Europe’s doorstep?

Toulouse-based Micropep Technologies has just had one of its fungicidal micropeptides approved in the United States. The technology, developed and patented by this CNRS spin-off, is aiming for European approval by 2030. However, these micropeptides are raising questions about their potential impact on ecosystems.

GMO plants, bacteria, viruses and animals: can they all be deregulated?

Few micro-organisms modified by Crispr are already on the market


Micro-organisms and industry : a very, very concentrated market

Micro-organisms and industry : a very, very concentrated market

Genetically modified microorganisms to be released soon in the EU environment ?

EU : vitamins and additives produced by GMOs

EU: vitamins and additives produced by GMOs

GMOs : sweetened transparency