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> Inf’OGM’s main activity is to analyse and disseminate information on a regular basis via various information channels:


Every three months, Inf’OGM publishes a 20-page newsletter on GMOs, including news, special reports, technical data sheets and interviews. It is accessible to the general public and available by subscription or individually.


Inf’OGM regularly publishes books and brochures that provide a comprehensive or summary analysis of the various issues surrounding GMOs. Find them in the shop!


Inf’OGM regularly updates its website This site presents all the latest news on GMOs, as well as numerous thematic dossiers, technical fact sheets, interviews and debates. To guide web users, each topic (health, labelling, etc.) and each article is accompanied by questions (FAQ) that provide a simple and concise context. has a free newsletter to which anyone can subscribe, so that you can be kept regularly informed of the latest events relating to GMOs.


Inf’OGM runs thematic monitoring services: a legal monitoring service and a Europe monitoring service. These monitoring groups provide a forum for the exchange of specialist information and aim to encourage the emergence of a public debate on GMOs.

> Inf’OGM regularly answers questions from civil society players (NGOs, citizens, journalists, elected representatives, etc.) and provides information and training on the various aspects of GMOs.

> Inf’OGM also urges public authorities and decision-making bodies to be genuinely transparent, and to set up an effective and reliable public information service on GMOs.